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Department: Transitional Housing Projects

Reports to: Case Manager Supervisor

FLSA: Non-exempt

Salary Range: $50,000-$54,000 per year

Directly Leads: None

Budgetary Line Responsibility: None


The Family Case Manager is responsible for coordinating case management and program services for an assigned caseload of homeless families living at Matilda Cleveland Transitional Housing and/or Families in Transition Program sites. The goal of case management is to offer a comprehensive array of services and support that will enable each resident to become self- sufficient and capable of achieving permanent housing.


General Operations-

  • Attend and participate in all required staff meetings, weekly supervision meetings and in­ service trainings;
  • Must be knowledgeable of the MCTHP and FIT program guidelines to ensure consistency of approach in holding clients accountable for case management and program-related activities;
  • Write progress reports and maintain statistics on resident activities;
  • Coordinate with other staff to ensure adequate facility coverage;
  • Coordinate with other staff to identify facility and program issues and exercise problem­ solving skills to resolve them;
  • Provide support to housing manager in monitoring resident chores;
  • Assist housing manager and client services director in monitoring contractors entering MCTHP facility for assessment and repairs, delivery of goods and other supportive service functions;
  • Assist housing manager in providing follow-up support regarding income verifications, 3-day notices and eviction notices to stabilize residents who are non-compliant with program guidelines.

Case Management

  • Maintain confidentiality in all matters pertaining to residents and their families;

  • Participate with Matilda Cleveland and Families in Transition program staff in tenant selection and screening, conducting credit and criminal background checks on potential residents, as needed;

  • Provide general orientation to new residents including the review of program guidelines and penalties for non-compliance with designated policies/procedures and setting up mandatory appointments with staff;

  • Set up and maintain well-organized case management files that include all the appropriate paperwork in designated sections;

  • Provide case management services to residents on-site at MCTHP and/or at each residence site in the FIT program;

  • Coordinate all assessment activities for in-coming residents to insure completion of all paperwork in the appropriate probationary period;

  • Conduct intake and family assessments for new residents within the probationary time period;

  • Use interviewing techniques and other problem-solving skills to assess resident issues, needs and progress;

  • Assist residents in identifying and prioritizing needs;

  • Produce a comprehensive individual service plan for every adult resident on caseload with realistic goals and objectives and an appropriate timeline;

  • Assess and provide appropriate individuals service plans for children over twelve years;

  • Maintain up-to-date case notes;

  • Coordinate information and services with the client empowerment specialist, housing manager, relapse prevention specialist and housing assistance specialist to ensure a comprehensive approach to resident needs.

  • Write incident reports, warnings and write-ups for program violations;

  • Provide follow-up of resident incident reports to address underlying behavioral issues that prevent the individual from adhering to program guidelines;

  • Escort residents to various appointments, as needed.

  • Conduct regular inspections of the units/residences to monitor upkeep, safety and security of units/residences;

  • Respond to resident concerns, complaints and inquiries in a timely fashion;

  • Comply with EOCP policy regarding reporting incidents of child abuse, verbal and physical assault, suicide and homicide to the proper authorities;

  • Provide after-care services for residents who have been in good standing subsequent to leaving the MCTHP or FIT program;

  • Perform other duties, as assigned.

Programmatic Activities

  • Assist in development of appropriate modules for an adult life skills program;
  • Coordinate with other staff to implement a life skills curriculum for MCTHP that includes anger management, stress management, self-advocacy, parent education, employment, money management, housing search, relapse prevention, health and wellness, nutrition, and building healthy relationships, etc.
  • Assist in implementation of tutorial and life skills program for children ages 5yrs -11 years;
  • Assists in development and implementation of annual schedule of holiday activities for children and their families in both transitional programs.

Community Outreach

  • Identify key service providers in the community to augment services provided by transitional programs and successfully refer residents to these programs/organizations. These providers include but are not limited to the following: substance abuse and mental health, employment agencies, health and social welfare governmental agencies; local educational resources, religious organizations, and social service agencies;
  • Establish working relationships with teachers and administrators in the local public-school system to monitor academic and social progress of children living at a FIT site or MCTHP;
  • Conduct presentations of MCTHP/FIT programs to other homeless or related organizations for client recruitment and development of possible collaboration/ partnerships;
  • Identify local childcare providers and after-school programs and maintain up-to-date resource list for residents to utilize.

Service Delivery

  • Provide services and follow-up in a timely fashion to residents;
  • Arrange and perform crisis intervention services and referrals;
  • Maintain up-to-date files of local public assistance programs and their most important policies that affect residents;
  • Identify resources for interpreters for those residents who are non-English speaking;
  • Maintain exhibit(s) of educational materials for residents including but not limited to such topics as health and wellness, finding childcare providers/afterschool programs, accessing services in public assistance programs, substance abuse issues, reproductive health, etc.;
  • Maintain reading library for adults and children in after-school and community rooms;
  • Coordinate with housing manager and housing assistance specialist to maintain list of contacts and locations for housing referrals including shelters, transitional housing programs, subsidized low-income housing programs and other housing resources, etc.;
  • Assist in recruiting and supervising volunteers who provide t11toring, life skills program support and other related activities;
  • Perform other duties, as assigned.



  • Bachelor of Arts degree in social work, psychology or related field required;
  • 3-5 years' experience working as a case manager with high risk, low income families;
  • Experience working with individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds;
  • Knowledge of basic counseling and interviewing techniques;
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills;
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain organized case management files;
  • Ability to produce well-written reports, memos and other correspondence in a timely fashion;
  • Ability to work effectively with a team of other professionals and coordinate services/activities with each member, as needed;
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain a calm demeanor and communicate effectively with residents (verbal and written);
  • Ability to use conflict-resolution skills to de-escalate volatile situations with residents.


  • Ability to speak clear, concise English;
  • Spanish or sign language as a second language is preferred.


  • Strong basic math skills required at least at the high school level;
  • Must be able to perform mathematical calculations with a high degree of accuracy.


  • Must be able to exercise good judgment while monitoring residents' adherence to program guidelines;

  • Must exhibit good critical thinking skills to be used to solve problems;

  • Ability to utilize multiple sources of information to create comprehensive individual service plans for residents;


  • Proficiency in using computer software to carry out tasks. Ability to use Microsoft Word to perform key job duties is required. User knowledge of Excel, database programs, and the internet/e-mail is preferred.


  • Must have current CPR and Basic First Aid certificates.
  • Valid California driver's license, insurance and access to an automobile. Proof of insurance and auto registration required.


  • Must be able to dress neatly with a professional appearance when reporting to work.
  • This position requires an annual tuberculosis test;
  • Must be able to work under stressful conditions.


The position requires an ability to work in a diverse and stressful environment with families that have multiple issues. Work schedules are flexible according to facility and client needs and can include night and weekend hours.

I have received and read the Family Case Manager job description for the Transitional Housing Programs.

To Apply:

  1. Send a resume and cover letter in PDF format to

  2. Use subject line: FName, LName for Family Case Manager for MC (your first name and last name).

  3. In the cover letter, answer these questions:

    1. What kind of experience do you have working with the homeless community?
    2. How well do you perform in a pressured, fast-paced environment and, in consultation with supervisor?

Updated: 09/21/2023

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