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Department: Transitional Housing Projects: Matilda Cleveland Transitional Housing and

Families in Transition Program

Reports to: Executive Director

Salary Range: $80,000 to $85,000

FLSA: Exempt

List of Programs and Direct Reports:

  • Matilda Cleveland and FIT Sites: Lead Case Manager, Case Manager, Employment Specialist, Housing Manager and Housing Advocate staff (1.2 FTE).

Budgetary Line Responsibility: Yes


The Managing Director of Transitional Housing Services is responsible for the housing and program Operations of Matilda Cleveland and Families in Transition transitional housing sites. The Matilda Cleveland site consists of 14 units of transitional housing while the FIT scattered sites include nine (9) residences located through-out the Oakland area.

Passionate and embracing of EOCP's mission and clients, this leadership position maintains and exemplifies consistent professional boundaries with management, line staff and clients.

The Managing Director of Transitional Housing Services supervises the teams located at the main facility in East Oakland and ensures that there are effective accountability mechanisms for all staff members to deliver the highest quality of services to transitional housing residents. This position also works closely with the EOCP Facilities Manager to ensure that all sites are clean, safe and operate in an optimal manner.

Leads, coordinates and executes activities involved with the administration of several grants and contracts, to ensure contract compliance and outcomes to local, state, federal, and foundation funding. Guides staff to accomplishing program goals, objectives; and overall compliance with all program requirements and regulations.


General Operations

  • Oversee general operations of all transitional housing sites including the development and maintenance of administrative and program infrastructure

  • Update administrative and program forms/documents as needed

  • Manage staffing schedule for 24-hour coverage where appropriate.

  • Recruit, train, supervise and evaluate program and housing staff

  • Review and sign all employee timesheets

  • Support EOCP fund raising efforts for the transitional housing program(s}.

Contract Management

  • Review of program budgets on a regular basis

  • Submit monthly program outcome reports to the Executive Director

  • Submit Annual Performance Reports required by HUD to the City of Oakland

  • Represent EOCP at community or governmental meetings relating to transitional housing issues or funding support

  • Leads, coordinates and executes activities involved with the administration of multiple grants and contracts, to ensure contract compliance to local, state, federal, and foundation funding

  • Editing of grants/contracts as necessary

  • Accomplishes program goals, objectives; and overall compliance with all program requirements and regulations.

Service Delivery

  • Maintain close oversight of case management activities including client assignment, case conferences, quality assurance audit of case management files, and review of individual service plans

  • Oversee development and implementation of life skills and therapeutic programs for adult clients at all sites-

  • Oversee development and implementation of children's life skills curriculum

  • Ensure that all program staff comply with EOCP policy regarding reporting incidents of child abuse, verbal and physical assault, suicide and homicide to the proper authorities

  • Develop and maintain partnerships with community organizations that enhance the services provided to residents

  • Ensure that all residents have access to information regarding permanent housing resources

  • Recruit, screen and monitor volunteers for specific activities at the transitional housing sites

Client Support

  • Monitor incident reports, warnings and write-ups for program violations as well as resolution and follow-up by program staff

  • Provide case management support to staff to address the needs of clients presenting with complex issues

  • Review and approve special conditions contracts for clients who have violated program guidelines

  • Review and approve staff requests for client termination from any of the transitional housing sites

Property Management

  • Provide oversight to application process for individual participation in the transitional housing sites

  • Review tenant files for quality assurance

  • Manage and address facility issues that arise in any of the transitional housing sites

  • Review documentation of residence inspections

  • Coordinate maintenance and repair activities with EOCP Facilities Manager. Involve the MC/FIT Housing Manager.

  • Coordinate food services with EOCP Food Services Manager, when applicable

  • Coordinate financial data and eviction proceedings with EOCP financial and administrative staff as well as MCTHP/FIT Housing Manager

  • Perform other duties, as assigned.



  • Bachelor of Arts degree required, Masters in social work, psychology or a comparable degree or licensed MFT or LCSW preferred

  • Minimum 5 years working in a responsible management position that includes expertise in personnel management, budgeting and general administration

  • Minimum 3 years providing counseling/therapeutic services to low-income, high risk families and/or young adults

  • Experience providing services to homeless families and young adults

  • Knowledge of case management techniques and the ability to develop and implement an effective case management system

  • Demonstrated ability to develop and implement life skills and/or therapeutic programs

  • Basic, working knowledge of property management for transitional housing programs

  • Demonstrated expertise in developing and implementing program evaluations including research tools, data collection and analysis and report writing

  • Excellent organizational and time management skills

  • Ability to handle a variety of complex tasks

  • Ability to effectively manage a team of professionals

  • Demonstrated ability to maintain a calm demeanor and communicate effectively with individuals (verbal and written)

  • Ability to use conflict-resolution skills to de-escalate volatile situations with irate individuals

  • Must have excellent communication and written skills


  • Ability to speak clear, concise English

  • Spanish or sign language as a second language is preferred


  • Strong basic math skills required at the college level

  • Must be able to perform mathematical calculations with a high degree of accuracy


  • Must exhibit good critical thinking skills to be used to solve complex problems

  • Ability to see the "big picture" while paying attention to details

  • Must be able to exercise good judgment while monitoring residents' adherence to program guidelines and de-escalating conflicts.


  • Proficiency in using computer software to carry out tasks. Competency using Word, Excel, database programs, the internet, e-mail is required


  • Must have current CPR and Basic First Aid certificates

  • Prefer MFT or LCSW licensing;

  • Valid California driver's license, insurance and access to an automobile. Proof of insurance and auto registration required


  • This position requires an annual tuberculosis test

  • Must be able to work under stressful conditions

WORK ENVIRONMENT: The position requires an ability to work in a diverse and stressful environment with families that have multiple issues. Work schedules are flexible according to facility and client needs and can include night and weekend hours.

I have received and read the Client Services Director job description the Transitional Housing Programs.

How to apply:

  1. Send a resume and cover letter in PDF format to

  2. Use subject line: "LName, FName for Director of Transitional Housing Services" (your last name and first name).

  3. In the cover letter, answer these two questions:

    1. What experience, if any, do you have as a Director of Transitional Housing?
    2. What experience, if any, do you have with nonprofit management?
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