Transitional Family Housing

Matilda Cleveland and Families in Transition

Homeless families struggle with a multitude of issues that require extensive support. The urgent search for housing and employment is exacerbated by the need for childcare, education for school-age children, and healthcare. For homeless single parent families, the struggle to raise children can be even more overwhelming.

Matilda Cleveland is a 14-unit congregate residential facility for homeless single parents and their children. Located at 8314 MacArthur Blvd. in Oakland, our staff operates a full array of services on-site for the families who live here. Through parenting and life skills training, case management, enrichment activities for youth and after school projects for children, and connection to community resources, parents can establish goals for rebuilding their lives and enhancing relationships with their children. Matilda Cleveland provides a 24-hour support system for the families who come into our program.

Additionally, the Families in Transition (FIT) program provide temporary independent living in fully self-contained residential units that allow families to achieve self-reliance.  At the same time, families have access to case management, life skills and parenting training, client empowerment, mental health counseling, and family activities that take place in their home or at Matilda Cleveland. FIT assists a total of 10 families at any given time. The residential units—safe places to raise children—are scattered throughout Oakland.