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Our residential programs at a glance

Through EOCP’s residential programs, we effectively and comprehensively support people experiencing homelessness to transition into permanent housing and a new chapter of well-being:

  • Crossroads; serving a diverse range of individual adults and families
  • Matilda Cleveland, Families in Transition, and Family Matters; dedicated programs for single parent/caregiver families with children
  • Our House; a 10-bed program for young adults
At Crossroads, our flagship facility for dignified care, we provide individual adults and families with emergency housing and a safe place to sleep, meals, and committed partnership in moving past homelessness.

A truly diverse intersection of personal journeys come together at Crossroads: families, single adults, young adults, seniors, veterans, formerly incarcerated people, people of transgender experience, people living with mental illness or HIV/AIDS. Crossroads also houses the first Respite Care program for those discharged from Alameda County’s public health system, who need housing while recuperating.

Crossroads is more than just beds and meal service. We begin by building trusting relationships, and each person works closely with an EOCP staff partner. Through a personalized approach, we address immediate concerns and connect people to services in healthcare, substance abuse, mental health, job training and employment, and life skills development.

We stick with people on their journey towards sustainable housing, and our holistic care focuses on developing the abilities and confidence to enter a new, empowered stage of their lives. EOCP staff know that every person who comes through Crossroads’ doors has what it takes to thrive.

Located in the heart of East Oakland, Crossroads (built 2008) is the largest shelter in Alameda County. It was developed through environmentally responsible strategies, from green construction materials to interior design that emphasized healthy living practices. To this day, Crossroads operates solar electric panels to defray 24/7 energy costs, relies on non-toxic supplies and materials, and implements other green approaches to support those housed there, and EOCP’s overall mission. It’s shifted the field standard for what clean, warm, and supportive facilities for those experiencing homelessness can look like.

Kids at play
Families & KidsEOCP provides parents/caregivers and their children with a place to stay and inclusive family services, so they can regain their footing towards a sustainable, resilient life.

For single parent/caregiver families seeking a 24-hour support community, EOCP operates Matilda Cleveland, a 14-unit living complex. Families in Transition offers short-term places to stay in private residential units scattered across Oakland, and Family Matters provides the shelter, structure, and resources for families to rapidly find permanent housing in the community.

Throughout all our family programs, EOCP Case Managers provide personalized, hands-on social services to children and caregivers alike through enriched play and academic activities, school placement and childcare, employment and continued education assistance, life skills training to emphasize positive behaviors for community living, and mental health counseling to strengthen and heal relationships between caregivers and children.

Young adults at Our House
Young AdultsOur House is a safe landing pad for young adults experiencing homelessness while working towards a journey of self-empowerment and thriving in their adult lives.

This 10-bed program for people ages 18 to 25 provides a safe, consistent, and nurturing environment within which to grow, including:

  • Life skills training, including approaches to financial management
  • Mental health counseling
  • Support for job training or education pathways
  • Friendship and trusted guidance at a critical time in their lives
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