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With a focus on our community in East Oakland, EOCP is the first line of defense for people experiencing homelessness. We provide comprehensive and dignified services for what each person needs right now—we create a space of belonging and consistent support while they move towards realizing their long-term aspirations and growth.

Across the organization, we value diversity in all its forms, embrace initiative and a strong ethic of caring for others, and support personal growth and positive change. We work collaboratively and inclusively across residents, staff, board, and the greater community!

Reports to: Board of Directors

Supervises: Senior Management Team, including the QA Director, HR Manager, Finance Controller, Managing Director of Transitional Housing Services, Managing Director of Family and Youth Shelter Services and Program Director at Crossroads.

Status: Full Time Employee, 90% on site, 10% at various locations

Scope of the Position:

The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations, capacity building and programs. The Executive Director is the ultimate internal decisionmaker on operation decisions and checking with the Board of Directors on any decisions with larger policy implications for EOCP.

The Executive Director will work with the board and staff in ongoing assessment and evaluation of the effectiveness of EOCP's services and administrative capacity, and in business planning, to identify program, financial, and infrastructure development goals and strategies. The Executive Director will work with the staff and board to meet goals, implement strategies and adjust as needed.

The Executive Director will need to an external face for EOCP and/or will determine whom to best involve when strategic external communications, partnerships, and fund development are needed.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Human Resources: overall responsibility for development, support, and retention of staff and volunteers, including specific responsibility for working collaboratively with the identified Leadership Team to ensure a positive and productive work environment. Build and maintain EOCP's culture and values per its Mission Statement and Organizational Values

  • Fund Development: oversee implementation of strategies to maintain and build productive relationships and generate continuing support from government, foundations, businesses, corporate sponsors, and individual donors. Develop, oversee implementation, and monitor financial outcomes from fee generation activities.

  • Financial Management: continuous monitoring of financial performance, and development and implementation of revisions to financial strategies as needed. Ensure the maintenance of effective systems for service delivery through budget to actual reporting and the use of fiscal data as a management tool for decisions and timely financial reports to the board of directors.

  • Planning and Evaluation: engage the board and staff in ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of EOCP's services and in business planning, to identify program, financial, and infrastructure development goals and strategies.

  • Community and Partner Relationships: build awareness of the impact of EOCP's work and role in the community. Sustain relationships with key nonprofit, business, and governmental partners to better serve the needs of EOCP's mission.

  • Board Support: facilitate effective board participation in business planning, financial oversight, community outreach, and fundraising. Support Board member recruitment and development.


  • Seasoned nonprofit manager with successful senior level experience managing an organization (programs, strategy, human resources, finances, and systems/infrastructure).

  • Strategic thinker and decision maker with an understanding of the big picture.

  • Knowledge of and experience serving diverse homeless families and individuals, both in residential settings and in housing placement and retention programs

  • Team builder with strong interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Strong strategic fiscal management, oversight, and budgeting skills.

  • Ability to maintain, strengthen and create relationships with external funders and stakeholders.

  • Good understanding of the operational and infrastructure of a mid-size nonprofit

  • Experience working with boards of directors

  • Experience working within diverse communities and with a diverse staff.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Compensation range: $160,00 -$180,000

  • Employee assistance program (EAP)

  • Retirement benefits

  • Flexible vacation, sick and holiday time

  • Life and AD&D insurance

  • Comprehensive healthcare benefits

To Apply:

  • Send a resume and cover letter in PDF format to jobs@eocp.net.

  • Use subject line: FName, LName for EOCP Executive Director (your last name and first name).

Mission Statement

EOCP empowers individuals and families who are homeless in Alameda County to regain a life of self-reliance. We provide dignified emergency and transitional housing and compassionate, comprehensive support services that prepare homeless people to successfully transition to well-being and sustainable permanent housing.

Organizational Values

The East Oakland Community Project envisions a healthy and strong organization that models the following values:

  • We demonstrate a high level of integrity and commitment in assisting individuals and families experiencing homelessness

  • We foster an environment of compassion and sensitivity towards people who are experiencing homelessness

  • We value diversity in all its forms

  • We embrace initiative, responsibility, and a strong work ethic

  • We encourage personal growth and positive change

  • We promote a collaborative and inclusive organizational approach among residents, staff, board and community

How EOCP lives its mission

  • We support the whole person within the context of their family, culture and community

  • We provide comprehensive services designed to encourage the well-being of our clients

  • We work to increase access to health, social, legal and educational services for our community

  • We promote and support cultural, spiritual, and socially conscious activities, ceremonies and celebrations that build and strengthen community

  • We are committed to an ongoing process of reflection and learning

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