Commitment to Living Green

At EOCP we understand that to make a commitment to the environment is to make a commitment to ourselves and our future.

The construction of Crossroads provided an opportunity for EOCP to build a facility that supports its mission.  Crossroads was built from the ground up using environmentally responsible design principles and construction technologies.

All the green strategies utilized support EOCP’s purpose:  from solar electric panels that defray the high energy costs of operating a large, 24-hour residential facility, to nontoxic building materials and furnishings that contribute to healthier living spaces and allow homeless people to reconstruct their lives.

The construction of Crossroads and subsequent remodeling of the Matilda Cleveland Family Transitional Housing facility has taught EOCP the value of promoting healthy living spaces and healthy living practices which are crucial for homeless people.  Consequently, EOCP has adopted:

  • Using green plant based cleaning products throughout its facilities to maintain a healthy environment
  • Recycling food waste, cans, bottles and paper at  an extra cost to the organization in order to protect the environment
  • Sustaining recycling practices among staff and clients as well as educational efforts to ensure continuity
  • Consuming more fresh vegetables and fruits to enhance the food quality of our daily menus and educate our residents on how to maintain higher nutrition levels

These examples are just the beginning, as EOCP realizes that living green is a life-long practice.