Our House: Young Adult Housing

Our House Young Adult Transitional Housing

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Homelessness among Alameda County youth is disturbingly common. There are currently more than 1,700 homeless youth, ages 14-23, living on the street at any given time in Alameda County. Currently, there are only 36 beds for homeless youth in the County; 24 of which are located in Oakland. Our House, EOCP’s transitional housing program for homeless young adults, provides 19% (7 beds) of the beds available for homeless youth in Alameda County.

Homeless young adults have multiple and overlapping obstacles to improved functioning, including medical problems (inclusive of mental health), family conflict, sexual abuse, educational under achievement, and substance abuse.  A majority of homeless youth were raised in poverty and experience homelessness at an early stage in their lives.   Many have also become homeless as a result of aging out of foster care.  Recognizing that homeless youth face multiple barriers to success, Our House provides wrap-around services to assist them in achieving self-reliance.

Located on a quiet street in East Oakland, close to the San Leandro border, Our House offers a nurturing and structured program for seven homeless young adults, ages 18 to 25 years old.  The combination of nurturance and consistency creates a balanced environment that helps young people develop into strong, self-sufficient adults.

Our House strives to empower youth with the skills to secure and maintain permanent housing and employment. The program also promotes and supports youth development   through higher education. Specifically, Our House provides case management, life skills training, educational and vocational counseling, substance abuse and mental health counseling, connections to primary care, and job training/employment and higher education.

Our House is part of the Oakland Homeless Youth Housing Collaborative (OHYHC) of which EOCP, Covenant House, and First Place Fund for Youth are members. OHYHC assists homeless youth in Alameda County in gaining the skills and income to secure self-reliance and increased self-esteem.