Serving More People through Collaboration and Partnership

July 18, 2023Serving More People through Collaboration and Partnership

At EOCP we build personalized, trusting, and authentic relationships with people experiencing homelessness, and walk alongside them as they grow into a life of self-reliance. Through strengthening key partnerships, we have boosted our team's capacity to connect more people with the critical support services they need so they can care for themselves and their future.

So far this year over a dozen individuals have transitioned from our Crossroads shelter into their new homes across Alameda County.

Local Housing Options Keep People in their Community

More affordable permanent housing units in Oakland, Berkeley, and Fremont have opened up in the recent past, supporting EOCP's team efforts to swiftly find suitable placements. We are primarily seeing success in finding local housing placements for seniors aged 62+, with the growing availability of buildings for seniors in Berkeley. This is key as seniors are the fastest growing unhoused population in California. From 2017 to 2021, California's overall older adult population grew by 7%, but the number of people 55 and over who sought homelessness services increased 84% --- more than any other age group --- according to the state's Homeless Data Integration System (KQED, 2023). Many are experiencing homelessness for the first time after age 50.

"When clients arrive at EOCP through the Coordinated Entry process and complete an initial assessment, they specify which region of Alameda County they would like to live in," shared Myeeka Calhoun, Case Management Services Manager at EOCP's Crossroads shelter. "Since many of our clients already have family connections, go to the doctor, or send their kids to schools in Oakland, it is ideal for them to stay here. Attending monthly regional cross-agency meetings helps our team stay tuned in to new buildings opening up in the area, as well as other emerging resources in the community that can support the process of moving out of homelessness."

Strengthening the Collaborative Rhythm

Through trusted community building relationships, we are strengthening the collaborative rhythm between EOCP and other Alameda County partner organizations. Together we are discovering crucial opportunities for our shelter residents. By working with Homeless Action Center, we are able to better advocate for clients' access to legal benefits programs. For individuals living with HIV/AIDS or who are transitioning into medical respite, we have been able to directly work with Life Long Medical Care and other health clinics to quickly connect them to the care they need. We have been able to grow our capacity from serving 25 immunocompromised clients at a time, to 60+ individuals in distanced, safe, hotel-based shelter.

By increasing critical communication pathways with key partners, EOCP has activated our network across the county to mutually share resources, availability of shelter beds, and information about opportunities for creative ways to service more individuals and families so they can move towards stability, housing, and good health.

We look forward to your support as we continue the mission of EOCP.

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