Oct 25, 2023Moving in and Up!
EOCP's Matilda Cleveland Transitional Housing and Families in Transition (FIT) offers temporary accommodations to families in Alameda County who are experiencing homelessness. It is our intent to provide a safe and secure environment for everyone residing at our facility while they work towards well-being and a permanent housing placement. KE's success story confirms why we do this work.

My name is KE. I am a 34-year-old single mother with a young daughter. I was born and raised in Oakland but I left California for five years and returned in 2021 to face my fears. Upon my return, we were homeless and bounced from couch to couch for two whole years. One late night in April of this year, I called 211 to get help and I was connected to EOCP's Matilda Cleveland.

Prior to joining EOCP, I was already working part-time as a supervisor at UPS. I was living paycheck to paycheck and my case manager advised me to think about a career change to secure permanent housing. With lots of encouragement from staff, I attended several job fairs. At one of these events, I heard about a construction pre-apprenticeship program and I was excited to explore a career in the trades and joined Rising Sun Center's Opportunity Build in Berkeley. I attended 12 weeks of classroom instruction and hands-on training with retired union tradespeople and I simply loved it!

Last September, I was proud to graduate from the construction programwhere I was able to acquire certification in OSHA-10 safety, first aid/CPR and multi-craft core skills. With assistance from Rising Sun Center I plan to get a job and gain experience as a plumber.

I must say the greatest support I received came from staff at EOCP. They listened and were able to provide advice and show unconditional love in their own way. My daughter and I have secured permanent housing in the community. Thank you for giving us a chance to move in, up and out!

Join us by donating to EOCP and supporting individuals and families to build strong self-care practices, secure permanent housing and move into their next stage of life.

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